About Us


The Juicy Joint is a Lifestyle Experience for the Alternative Mind. We pride ourselves on serving a diverse collection of killer products all under the same roof including: 

Music on CD and Vinyl, Retro Gifts, Turntables & Electronics, Vaping Hardware and E-Juices, Smokers Supplies, Alternative Lifestyle Gifts, Club Tickets & Hemp Products 


 Thank you for supporting Smokin Vinyl for the past 12 years a shop devoted to the Birmingham nightclub and party scene, constantly evolving and adapting over the years, but still holding onto a chunk of the roots, time for a change is now here.


Stage One: The Erdington shop has been refurbished into a Bohemian Urban Oasis with a huge array of new beats on 12”, hand picked Vape flavours from the UK and U.S.A. that you can try before you buy, a huge selection of Hemp Products from Spain, U.S.A., Canada, Czech Republic and the Netherlands, the latest in Vaping technology for Juice or Loose leaf, essential smokers supplies plus exciting gift ideas to brighten up your life or make someone smile.


Stage Two: Soon we will begin serving healthy and organic fresh Cold-pressed Juices, Snacks, Smoothies and Specialty Hot Drinks to enjoy while you have a browse here or take away. We will be opening early weekday mornings too!


Stage Three: Our online store will launch! Browse from your living room or anywhere on your mobile. With worldwide delivery, click & collect or just give us a call with your order.