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High quality, high VG E-liquids at amazing prices! 10ml bottles in various nicotine strengths.


Game Over

Creamy fruit loops, ice cream and a fragrant aroma that is sure to satisfy your cravings and boost your taste buds into vaping heaven.  78% VG. 3MG

Hot Mess

Hot Mess is known to taste exactly like hot churros and melted vanilla ice cream. Quite similar to a warm custard donut. If you like sweet then this is the liquid for you. 77% VG, 6MG

We Aint Done

Strawberry infused Chimichanga sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar topped with a side of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream providing a soothing chill sensation while exhaling. 80% VG. Available in 3 or 6 mg.

Can't Stop

A unique and delicious sweet flavour inclusive of freshly picked apples pressed into a refreshing cider. 


 A flavourful concoction inclusive of juicy sliced Watermelon with rich taffy candy followed by notes of bubble gum. 70% VG, 6mg.

Forbidden Fruit

Melon and berry eliquid. 70% VG, 3mg.