Dutchie Combi Pack - King Size Papers, Tips & Tray

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Now available as the King-Size Slim Combination Pack - Papers, Tips and Magnetic Roliing Tray in Organic Hemp or Natural.

Dutchie papers are 100% vegan, 100% gluten free and utilise only the finest organic Arabic gum. They are produced in both, Reg 1 ¼ size, as well as King-Size slims, giving you the option to roll however you choose. Just remember to pass it to the left-hand side!

Dutchie are the original manufacturers of Dutchie rolling papers – instantly recognizable brand which was of course referenced in Musical Youth’s 1982 reggae hit ‘Pass The Dutchie’.

Dutchie papers are made by smokers, for smokers. As companies started to cater more and more to smokers of herbal cigarettes, they waited and waited for someone – anyone – to bring out a paper that is easy to roll, burns evenly, tastes pure, and is made from natural, sustainable materials.

It soon became clear that the Dutchie vision of the perfect pack of skins did not exist. Through speaking to other smokers and fellow connoisseurs, these guys came up with the idea of Dutchie rolling papers – a range of premium quality rolling papers made from natural, unbleached paper and organic hemp to ensure a smooth, even burn and natural taste.