Cali Bear White/Clear Barrier Mylar Smell Proof Bags - Each

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These Cali Bear white and clear barrier bags are an economical solution for packaging. These mylar bags are are heat sealable for tamper proofing and include a tear notch for easy opening. They are sturdy with a wall thickness of 4.5 mils and feature moisture and oxygen resistant properties. The zip-locking mechanism allows the bags to be reclosed after opening. These bags have an opaque, white backing with Cali Bear logo and state-specific use warnings and clear front.

Compliant Labeling for the California Compassionate Use Act Prop 215 SB 420 Sections 11362.5 & 11362.7 of Health and Safety Code.

Show your support for the global decriminalisation and legalisation of cannabis by collecting some of these mylar bags which have a multitude of legitimate uses as a dry storage bag.

Material: Metallized polyethelyne

Size Small (1g): 2.95" x 4.49"

Size Medium (3.5g): 3.43" x 5.04"

Size Large (7g): 3.43" x 5.04"

Size XL (14g): 5" x 8.18"

Size XXL (28g): 5.91" x 9.06"