Cannashock - Hemp Cakes & Brownies

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Cannashock cakes from Amsterdam look and taste great and have the flavour of real cannabis but unlike some cakes found in Amsterdam these are made for the UK and contain no THC. They are made from the usual cake baking naughty goodness along with some ingredients from the hemp plant which provide that unique cannabis flavour. These cakes and brownies all contain various flavourings, colourings, egg, butter and preservatives. Each cake differs in flavour and weighs 68-100g. They keep for longer in the fridge and can be frozen and defrosted once.


Hemp Cakes Currently avaliable:

Cannashock Buttercake - With Real Hemp Seeds 80g

Cannashock Vanilla Spacecake - 68g

Cannashock CBD Bomb Chocolate Cake - 100g

Cannashock Hash Brownie Chocolate Cake - 100g

Cannashock Blueberry Haze Cake- 100g

Cannashock Lemon Haze Cake - 95g 

Cannashock OG Kush Cake - 95g

Cannashock Strawberry Kush Cake - 95g

Cannashock Amnesia Haze Cake - 100g