SALE!! Tsunami - High Wave Premium Concentrate Vapourizer

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The High Wave is one of the most stylishly designed wax vaporizer that we stock, providing a incredibly smooth hits due to its glass water bubbler. The High Wave microchip supports water vaping, it also has a highly reliable ceramic wax atomizer (donut style) which evenly heats the vape. The 1800 mAh battery makes for longer sessions of vaping. The high wave is currently available in this industrial brozed red metallic shade. 

Product Features:

Wax Vaporizer

Glass water vaping bubbler

Ceramic heating donut atomizer

1800 MAH high capacity battery

LED battery indicator

Glass easy to clean

Easy 5 press activation button

Advanced water vaping device

1 year warranty

100% Satisfaction guaranteed


Kit Includes:

Tsunami High Wave Premium Vaporizer

1 High wave wax vaporizer 1800 MAH battery

1 Glass on Glass Bubbler

1- Wax ceramic heating atomizer (Donut Style)

1 Micro USB Charger

1 Wall Adapter

1 Dabber/Pick Tool

1 One year limited warranty