Dinner Lady 50:50 Sweets 10ml E-Liquid

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Dinner Lady Sweets range includes nostalgic favourites formulated especially for existing adult smokers with a sweet tooth. These 50:50 e-liquids combine even measures of PG and VG for a smooth flavour with a discreet amount of vapour.


  • Apple Sours - A sweet apple e-liquid with a sour kick of flavour on exhale
  • Bubblegum - The Bubble Gum flavour is based on the classic bubble gum fruity and sweet flavour profile.
  • Jelly Bean - Inspired by a true sweet shop classic, Jelly Bean features various fruit flavours with a sweet edge.
  • Lemon Sherbets - A fizzy sherbet flavour combined with tart lemon, Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbet is inspired by a classic sweet.