Nasty Juice - Shisha Nicotine Salts - 10ml E-Liquid

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Nasty juice is a household name in Malaysia. It is the most popular and sought-after e-cig liquid in the country and also internationally. They are known for extremely fruity flavours.

Nasty Juice comes in a unique packaging with artistic design. The boxes and the bottles making it not only worth for vaping but also worth keeping for its intrinsic value on the shelves.

Now you can enjoy your favourite shisha combinations brought to you by the masters of nasty fruityness

50/50 VG/PG - 10ml TPD Compliant Bottles.


  • Lemon Mint - Juicy citrusy lemon feels, the classic sour lemonade combined with a bit of sweet cool sensation from mint. Perfect balance of mint and lemon!
  • Green Grape - Crisp and sweet flavour. The combination of crisp texture with a popping of sweetness has made this a tasty addition to our Shisha recipes.
  • Grape Raspberry - Ripe grapes were chosen to get the fruity and earthy taste, mixed with fresh sweet raspberry. Together they are like Libra, a perfect balance of sweet and freshness.
  • Double Apple - Imagine biting into a juicy, flavourful red apple. Then a green apple that’s a little sour, but very juicy. A perfect mix that'ts been proven to be a favourite in the history of Shisha!

What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts juices are usually loaded with 20mg, the maximum strength available in the EU under TPD regulations. Unlike freebase nicotine, nic salts are produced naturally from the tobacco leaf and are able to provide the maximum delivery with a minimal throat hit. Perfect for vapers that want to use a powerful MTL device but are normally unable to vape their desired stregnth because of harsh inhaling sensation. These are the perfect solutiuon for fairly heavy ex-smokers. It's likely that when you try nicotine salts you'll find your juice will last a lot longer as you won't need to vape as much juice to reach your desired feeling.

1 x 10ml Nic Salt Booster 20mg Strength.