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Solero - Regular 12pk

Solero regular cannabis seeds from Original Dampkring Genetics is part of a brand new release of cannabis seeds from this exciting new Dutch seed company.

Solero is an Indica-dominant hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation in areas where growing cannabis is permitted.

Legally-operating growers are in for a treat; Solero produces an array of beautiful colours as she progresses through her modest 8-10 weeks cycle. Solero is also a light feeder – experienced growers can back off the nutrients and still enjoy above-average yields.

Ceres Hilton x Commerce City Kush is the genetic lineage and this is showcased with the finished product of tight, frosty buds and delicious old skool flavours.


The Dampkring, for the uninitiated, is an iconic Amsterdam coffeeshop famous for its comfy surroundings, celebrity clientele, and of course top-quality cannabis.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s bustling city centre, The Dampkring differs from other coffeeshops. Their cannabis is more varied than other menus – old skool strains mix with modern varieties, but the great value pricing and unique décor and ambience remain, setting The Dampking apart from other coffeeshops.

Brand: Original Dampkring Genetics

Pack Size: 12 Seeds Per Pack

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

Genetics: Hybrid

Lineage: Ceres Hilton (Amnesia #1 X (Super Silver Haze/Jack Herer) x Commerce City Kush ( Chem dawg 4 x Rare Dankness No.1 (Ghost OG with Chemdawg)

Yield: Medium / High (400g -550g m2)

Seed Type: Regular

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