Connoisseur Concentrates - Terpenes from L.A. 1ml

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From Los Angeles, California these connoisseur terpenes change the terps game when it comes to flavours! Just a 1ml terpene blend can go into 20-100ml of CBD oil or Vape juice and add serious scent, flavour and depth to the formula. Terpenes have further added benefits more than just flavour enhancement, they also contribute to mind and body wellness.

These connoiseur concentrates maximise your entire vaping experience!


Some example dilutions:

1ml Terpene into 20ml Oil/Vape = 5% strength
1/2ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape = 5% strength
1/4ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape = 2.5% strength
1/10ml Terpene into 10ml Oil/Vape = 1% strength
1/10ml Terpene into 5ml Oil/Vape = 2% strength
1/20ml Terpene into 1ml Oil/Vape = 5% strength - Perfect high potency for 1ml pre-filled vape carts at a terpene cost of £0.80 per cart, also available in packs of 10 and for use with the Wax Liquidizer

We recommend adding 1-5% liquid terpene blend to your chosen CBD oil or vape juice.

Do not add more than 5% terpenes to any liquid formulations. (one single drop terpene per 1ml of CBD oil or vape juice (based on 1ml = 20 drops)

WARNING: Keep away from eyes and DO NOT consume in pure form. Terpenes MUST be diluted before use.

Each of these Terpene blends contain a combination of the following, matched to the strain to scientifically replicate the true Cannabis flavour:

Alpha Pinene | Beta Pinene | Myrcene | Ocimene | Terpineol | Beta Caryophyllene | Humulene | Linalool | Limonene | Terpinolene | Valencene | Geranoil | Phellandrene | Terpinene | Borneol | Phytol | Sabinene | Carene | Fenchol | Bisabolol | Camphene | Camphor | Menthol | Nerolidol | Eucalyptol

Flavour Profiles:

Skywalker OG:
The Skywalker OG is a well known strain with a unique Cannabis Terpene profile. Mild, woody, floral with a high OG taste, the Skywalker OG is not hugely popular 

Super popular and much loved from the U.K. to L.A. Everyone loves the name, and they love the light, sweet, citrus tones Gelato has to offer. The strain name alone sells your blend, and the taste will keep your clients coming back again and again.

New York City Diesel:
The New York City Diesel is a leap forward from the Sour Diesel, upgraded in every way. Gassy, Skunky with lime-grapefruit undertones, this Cannabis Terpene profile lives up to the Diesel name and excels where the Sour D fell short. Vastly more complex, it is a must try when you buy terpenes. Very unique.

Zkittlez is blowin up, and everyone wants it. The perfect blend of Cannabis and a fresh bag of skittles, this Cannabis Terpene profile tastes exactly like cannabis, and isn't like flavoured candy. Make no mistake, you can still taste that sweet citrus candy when blowing those clouds. This Zkittlez terps bowls a XXX triple strike out.

Snoop Dogg OG:
The Snoop Dogg OG Cannabis Terpene profile tastes as good as it sounds, loud and full of flavor. Gassy, Earthy with hints of citrus and lots of Cannabis, the Snoop OG is a flavor people know and recognize. Created from the Sour D and Lemon OG, the Snoop OG has a very pronounced Cannabis taste your custies are gonna love. 

Pineapple Voodoo:
The inspiration for Pineapple Voodoo came during a visit to a Jamaican witch doctor in 2015 where a secret Pineapple Terpene profile only known to the greatest shaman of Jamaican decent was passed forward. This gift has now been curated for the privileged few that find themselves reading that it is available in terpene form, a perfect pineapple blend, handcrafted together with a light cannabis terpene profile. Strong and beautiful, it will cast a spell on anyone who tries it.

Strawberry Cough:
An Icon in the cannabis industry, and a must have in your product lineup. Designed to showcase the strong taste of strawberry with a minor tasteof cannabis, Strawberry and cannabis are much a loved match made in heaven. Not designed to be an actual Cannabis Terpene Profile, this profile is more of a strawberry flavoured cannabis vape experience with a lighter canna background. When you buy terpenes, make sure you have the Strawberry Cough in your lineup.

New: Super Lemon Haze:
The cup winning citrus haze heavyweight is now available as a terpene profile for flavouring your extracts. Want that super sour lemon haze twist in your vape then a drop of lemon juice is all it takes to make the magic happen. You can't beat a classic.

New: Sherblato:
The Sherblato genetics are Sherbert, Sunset Sherbert x Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Gelato, Pink Panties x Thin Mint GSC. Expect a strong cookie taste, gassy aroma with a slight hint of citrus. If you are experimenting with making e-liquids from wax adding Sherblato to your lineup is a sure fine thing.

New: Wedding Cake:
This is not like the Cannabis Terpene profiles, it is a Wedding Cake flavoured profile, but light enough not to be over powering. If you currently buy terpenes, dont stick to just Cannabis terpenes, try the Wedding Cake aswell.

New: Gushers:
This unofficial Cookie family Cannabis Terpene profile, Gushers, is the child of Gelato #41, Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The Gushers brings forth sweet, lime OG candy tones also found in the parent strains. Remember, this isn’t a flavoured candy profile, but a true Cannabis Terpene profile, meaning it will taste like cannabis with a hint of Gushers.

New: King Louis:
King Louie XIII is a Collab between the LA heavy hitter King Louie and Mr. Extractor. The Terpene blend is the only King Louie Terpene profile officially authorised by the King himself, so beware of fake imitations! It has an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of your last forest adventure.  

New: Biscotti:
The Biscotti terpene hype derives from the cross of two fire strains; South Florida Ocean Grown and Gelato. An Indica-dominant hybrid known to have the fresh organic bakery taste. Earthy, pepperry, and citrusy aromas fused with big terpene profiles like Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

New: Sour Diesel:
One of the Original first gen Cannabis Terpene Profiles from Mr Extractor, the Sour Diesel has been remastered and upgraded to a skunkier, richer citrus version. Strong in taste, the Sour D it has become a staple in many manufacturers arsenal.

New: Lemon Cake:
Lemon Cake is full of rich citrusy flavours and aromas, its sweet, doughy and refreshing and the taste is only enhanced by the musky cheese undertones that creep through.

New: Animal Cookies:
Animal Cookies is a unique terpene profile that has to be tried! With its sweet, gassy, earthy and mild citrusy undertones its become very popular. Its famous genetics such as Fire OG and GSC ensure that this  is sure to impress.

New: Girl Scout Cookies:
The distinct taste and aroma of Girl Scout Cookies has been a favourite since its release, The terpenes create the spicy blend of floral and citrus flavors that give GSC its intense bouquet.

New: The Terp Thickener (Flavourless)
Dilutants have the problem of making the oil runny, but not this, the bubble doesn’t move when cut by 50%! Odourless, tasteless and a miracle thickner without the VG.