Wax Liquidizer - 50ml Flavoured Concentrate E-Liquid Mix

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The premium Wax Liquidizer in flavours s a game changing product that transforms your favorite herbal concentrates like shatter, bubble hash, Wax crumble, CBD crystals, honey and live resin into tasty flavoured E-juices for an incredible, delicious vaping experience. By only using the finest ingredients, no additives, no nicotine and no vegetable glycerin, nothing compromises the performance of the Wax Liquidizer product.

By following a simple 3-step mixing instructions you can obtain an even consistency in your E-liquid for stable and smooth flowing. Blend with herbal oils to create concentrated E-juice for hard-hitting vapors or diluted mixes for all-day tank use. You will be vaping your very own home made delicious vape juice perfect for every day of the week.

Strawberry Cough

Add a hint of freshly-picked berries to your herbal oil concentrate and capture the very essence of your favourite summer flavour.

Pineapple Express

The sharp and fruity taste of a freshly cut Pineapple will make you think of hot summer days with every hit of your herbal oil, wax or concentrate.

Grape Ape

Unleash the Grape Ape in you with every hit of your herbal oil, wax or concentrate.


Kiss your Blues Goodbye when you add Blueberry Wax Liquidizer to your favorite concentrate.

Banana OG

Maximize the flavor of your herbal wax, oil or other concentrate by adding a taste of ripe bananas to satisfy your craving!

New Flavour: Mango

Turn your Wax into E-Juice with the tropical taste of fresh ripe Mango!


Also available in Flavoured 15ml

and ORIGINAL 15ml, 50ml and 100ml


50ml size

*100ml & 1000ml flavoured and out of stock flavours are available to Special Order. Please call 01213737051 or email sales@thejuicyjoint.co.uk