Dab Nails, Carb Caps & Bangers

Here at The Juicy Joint we sell many Dab accessories, some of the most important being Dab Nails, Carb Caps & Bangers. Dab Nails are used to vapourize essential oils. They are heated up with a torch or electronic heater coil. A Dab is then placed on the surface of the dab nail resulting in tasty vapour. You can find dab nails made of glass, quartz, titanium and ceramic materials.

A Carb Cap is a Dabbing accessory that restricts airflow and traps heat around dome-less nails or bangers, allowing the cannabis concentrate to vapourize at a lower temperature, preserving the quality and flavour of the concentrate.

A Banger is a type of dab nail. When joined to a dab rig, the dab banger nail heats the concentrate so it becomes a vapor. Quartz banger nails feature a quartz bucket to hold and heat the concentrate before it flows through the dab rig. There are three main types of bangers. Flat-top bangers have a flat top.  Trough bangers are shaped like a feeding trough. Thermal bangers have an internal cup with airspace between the inner and outer cup, allowing use at lower temperatures.