DinaFem Seeds Auto

Dinafem Seeds from San Sebastian, Spain are a cannabis seed bank who have made a huge impact both in Spain and around the cannabis seed industry since 2002. Specialising in the production of feminised cannabis seeds, they pay special attention to the preservation of its products, ensuring that they reach the customer in excellent condition. The quality of these seed strains guarantee the growth of feminised plants at unbeatable percentage (99%).

Auto flowering seeds simply start to flower when they reach a certain age, most autoflowering seeds start to flower around week 3.

White Widow XXL and Amnesia XXL are some of our most popular Dinafem Auto strains.

In accordance with UK law, The Juicy Joint sells genuine cannabis seeds from an international set of elite breeders for collection or souvenir purposes only. Within this country, it is legal to sell & own dormant cannabis seeds but not to cultivate, germinate, grow or otherwise use these items.