Dry Herb Vapourizers

Vaping with a Dry Herb Vapourizer has become increasingly popular in recent years. This maybe particularly due to the emergence of studies such as funded by the likes of Cancer Research UK which support the notion that vaporizing poses fewer long-term health risks than smoking. Former tobacco smokers and herb smokers now have an abundance of vaping options to choose from – each geared up to the individual user’s needs and lifestyle.

Once you experience the health benefits and on-the-go convenience of a good portable vaporizer, it’s hard to go back to burning your herb full time.  That’s why we stock a comprehensive range of ceramic chambered handheld dry herb & vapourizers along with a few tabletop versions that are on the market. Our range is ever expanding as new technology emerges but please ask if there is a model that you can't find as it is likely we can source it for you at a great price.