Moreish Puff - Summer Cider on Ice - 100ml Shortfill

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The Moreish Summer Cider on Ice collection brings you an assortment of fruity Cider flavours with a twist. Choose from Cherry, Mixed Berries, Passionfruit, Pear, Raspberry & Strawberry.

Cherry Summer Cider on Ice

Cherry is an exhilarating summery blend of cherries in a cool cider, finished with an icy aftertaste.

Mixed Berries Summer Cider on Ice

Mixed Berries blends the flavours of sweet mixed berries and crisp cider with a breeze of menthol. A tantalising mix of summery flavours.

Passionfruit Summer Cider on Ice

Passionfruit is a beautiful tropical blend of sweet passion fruit flavours mixed with a crisp cider, complemented with a cool icy finish.

Pear Summer Cider on Ice

The iconic taste of pear cider meets some refreshing ice in a summery blend.

Raspberry Summer Cider on Ice

Raspberry is a light medley of raspberries and cider, balanced with a cool icy finish.

Strawberry Summer Cider on Ice

Strawberry combines the summery flavours of strawberries, cider and a blast of cool ice. Sweet, flavourful and refreshing!