Orange County - Disposable CBD Vape Pen - 500mg CBD/CBG

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The award-winning Orange County CBD's new line of disposable CBD vape pens have been designed to recreate the tastes and aromas of a range of different cannabis strains. You'll be hard pushed to find flavours of higher quality anywhere else on the market.

  • 2ml / 3ml
  • 500mg - 250mg CBD / 250mg CBG
  • Enough vape liquid for around 600 / 900 puffs.

**New stock is 900 Puffs


  • Cool Menthol (2ml / 600 Puff - Original Version - Old Packaging)
  • Grape Burst (3ml / 900 Puff)
  • Mango Ice (3ml / 900 Puff)
  • Sour Apple (3ml / 900 Puff)
  • Kiwi & Strawberries (3ml / 900 Puff)

No medical claims can be made by us ‘The Juicy Joint’ or at this stage in the UK about vape juice / E-Liquids containing CBD and therefore this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. All products we supply containing CBD contains less than 0.2% THC so are therefore under UK legal limit for THC and will not get the consumer ‘high’. CBD is sold by us and in the UK as a lifestyle supplement so it would be advisable to conduct additional research independently before deciding if Vaping CBD, what variety and what concentration of CBD vape is right for your daily wellbeing.