Piecemaker Gear - Unikorn Silicone Water Pipe Bong

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For a limited time, catch the Unikorn™ and tame its dank magic…

The Unikorn™ is PieceMaker’s new mystical silicone water pipe and an “adults-only” piece.

  • PieceMaker have designed her with their new angled hex-tek™ stem and smoke-able alicorn mouthpiece.
  • Fully-featured in a cute & compact frame, the Unikorn’s removable head makes cleaning a breeze.

#BlazeYourOwnTrail with the Unikorn™!


  • Removable Mouth Piece
  • Erganomic Carb Hole
  • Kap
  • Stainless Steel Bowl with Intergrated Mesh
  • Unbreakable Stem with He-Tek, Engineered For More Bubbles