Jean Carlos - Candela Maduro - Glass Tip Hemp Wrap

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The Jean Carlos Hemp Wrap Candela Original fits approximately 1 gram of optimally ground herb in a finely crafted hemp shell. The Candela Original is a uniquely crafted hemp wrap characterized by its distinctive lightly green-hued wrap.

This distinctive colour occurs when the leaves undergo a specialized curing process. It stems from the hemp leaves undergoing rapid drying after the crop has been harvested, preserving natural pigments and their natural green shade.

The resulting Jean Carlos cigar, aka hemp wrap, has an aesthetically striking appearance, which sets it apart from traditional cigars aka Migars with darker wrappers.

Product Features:

  • 1g Capacity - (Fits solid gram of ground material)
  • Candela Original
  • Official Jean Carlos Product
  • Total Length: 11cm
  • Tip Length: 4.5cm