Jean Carlos - Claro Maduro - Glass Tip Hemp Wrap

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The Jean Carlos Hemp Wrap Claro Maduro aka Claro Maduro Shell is the new innovational hemp cone made to roughly a 1-gram standard that fits a solid gram of material inside.

Jean Carlos Claro Maduro Migar is a true masterpiece from this elite cigar and pre-roll maker; draped in a lightly-hued wrapper, this Migar offers the mildest smoking experience. As such, the Claro Maduro Migar is a perfect choice for newcomers and aficionados seeking the ultimate refined smoke.

It's time to elevate your collection with the Claro Migar and savour sophistication in each and every draw. Finished with a premium glass tip for a clean and enjoyable hit with minimal resistance, why not try the new Claro Maudro Shell today as a more natural cigar product.

The Claro Maduro Hemp Wrap measures 9.5cm and the glass tip measures 3cm.

Product Features:

  • 1g Capacity - (Fits solid gram of ground material)
  • Claro Maduro AKA Claro Maduro Shell
  • Official Jean Carlos Product
  • Total Length: 9.5cm
  • Tip Length: 3cm