Jean Carlos - Original Maduro - Glass Tip Hemp Wrap

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The Jean Carlos Original Maduro Hemp Wraps' production process results in an approximately one-gram specification that fits a solid gram of ground material. Finished with a premium glass tip for a clean and enjoyable hit with minimal resistance, why not try the new Jean Carlos range today for more natural cigar product.

The Maduro Hemp Wrap is the epitome of richness and depth, wrapped in an intensely dark leaf, almost ebony in colour, created through meticulous ageing and craftmanship. The Migar is a testament to the art of creating bold, robust consumption experiences.

The Original Maduro Hemp Wrap by Jean Carlos is crafted with unwavering attention, the Maduro Wrapper Migar embodies the culmination of time-honoured techniques. The wrapper, aged to perfection, creates a mesmerizing dark chocolate hue that sets the stage for an intense and flavorful journey.

Product Features:

  • 1g Capacity - (Fits solid gram of ground material)
  • Original Maduro
  • Official Jean Carlos Product
  • Total Length: 11cm
  • Tip Length: 4cm