King Palm - Terpene Infused Organic Corn Husk Tips - Banana Cream - Pack of 2

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Enhance the experience of smoking your favourite wraps or rolling papers with King Palm’s Flavoured Wave filter tips. Made from organic corn husk and handcrafted for exceptional filtration, these filters will immediately elevate your smoke session. And, at any point during your sesh, you can squeeze the tips to unleash waves of juicy flavours.

Sourced from organically grown corn husk, these filters have superior filtration qualities so you don’t have to worry about inhaling plant matter. These filter tips will instantly enhance any roll or wrap because they’re specifically designed to let you take smoother, bigger hits.

King Palm's Pine Drip filter tips contain a terpene-infused flavour capsule is located inside each all-natural corn husk filter. Just squeeze the filter until you hear a pop and enjoy a burst of smooth & creamy banana flavours. These filters will have you crafting the most flavorful wraps.

  • Pack of 2 Tips
  • Terpene-Infused Banana Cream - Banana Flavour
  • Organic Corn Husk Filters
  • Designed for smoother, bigger hits.