Purize - Xtra Slim 33 x Activated Charcoal Filter Tips - Colour Mix

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The PURIZE® original: XTRA Slim Size filter in a 33-pack | Colour Mix

This Slim Size activated carbon filter is supplied in a resealable and practical 33-pack, which also offers you a price advantage over smaller packs. Activated charcoal significantly reduces the absorption of harmful substances and provides you with a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. Suitable for ALL types of roll-your-own! Also both end caps are made out of ceramics - so there is no insertion or screwing direction to consider. PURIZE® Filters are made of environmentally conscious raw materials and "Made in Germany"

  • Suitable for all hand-rolled
  • A noticeably milder smoking experience 
  • High-quality activated carbon
  • Best filtering properties


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