Purize Xtra Slim Activated Charcoal Filters - Bag of 250 - Various Colours

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Purize Filter Tips are heat-resistant ceramic tips, crucially their interior is filled with coconut-activated charcoal providing the ultimate, natural smoking experience for your rolls.

Purize Filter Tips high-quality activated charcoal filters are made with kindness in Germany from 100% Organic / Natural materials so that you can do yourself and the environment a favour at the same time! These tips significantly reduce harmful substances & toxins whilst giving a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience.

These large bags contains 250 pieces using high-quality activated carbon to filter any toxins out of your smokes. They make for a much cleaner smoke compared to a traditional cardboard tip. They are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

  • 250 Pieces
  • high quality activated carbon
  • filter out toxins
  • environmentally-friendly and sustainable
  • 100% organic


  • Blue
  • Green
  • Organic Brown
  • Pink
  • Rainbow
  • White
  • Yellow