Vibes - Fatty Double-Wide Rolling Papers with Tips - Blanco

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The Vibes Blanco Fatty Rolling Papers with Tips are the premium choice of many connoisseurs and flavour-chasers who regularly take part in the art of rolling!

Vibes Blanco is made from premium white-pulp to an ultra-thin standard the same as the fan favourite brown wood pulp Ultra-Thins that come in the black packet.

They're carefully crafted from premium rolling paper materials, made to the elite high standard of Berner, founder of Vibes, Cookies & a tastemaker for countless heavy, hitting strains to release in recent years.

The Vibes Fatty Rolling Papers are made specifically for connoisseurs who love to indulge correctly, as the papers will change how you roll and enjoy your smoke of choice. Vibes Fatty papers are made to a sizeable 53mm specification that stretches out, a clear canvas ready to be filled with your preferred smoking blend.

The Vibes Fattys are double-wide, which is perfect for a nice thick Cuban-style smoke. Whether an established roller or a novice with a preference for the larger things, these papers are perfect for an easy roll with great potential. The Vibes Blanco Fatty Rolling Papers are made with a pure Arabic gum of natural origins and sourced from the Acacia tree, it acts as a powerful adhesive to seal your roll with a smooth-to-the-touch handle.

  • Premium Rolling Papers with Tips
  • Blanco / White
  • 53mm "Fatty" Size
  • 33 King Size Papers + Tips Per Booklet
  • Made in France & Dominican Republic / Designed in California
  • Gold Embossed "Vibes" Logo
  • 100% Authentic