3.5g Glass Jar with Screw Lid - 3mm Thickness - 2" x 2.5"

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Give your product a high-end feel with these standard glass jars ready for 3.5g of dried flower. Made of 3mm thick glass, 2oz glass weight, these jars are sturdy and durable. The screw-on lid includes a poly liner, which helps seal in oxygen and moisture to protect your product from environmental damage. The lid fits flush with the jar, allowing for smooth label application. 

Dimensions: 1.96" x 2.56"

Capacity: 3.5 grams

Please note: 2oz is the weight of the glass jar and not the capacity of product that this jar will store!

Bulk In store pricing:

10 x Glass Jars £15
25 x Glass Jars £25
105 x Glass Jars £100

For delivery options on bulk, and bulk pricing of more than 105 units please enquire by phone, order may take 2-3 days.