Basil Bush 3D Logo Grinder

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The Basil Bush grinders are functional, affordable grinders embossed with the iconic face of Basil himself.

The Basil Bush 2 Part Grinder features a 3d embossed Basil Bush logo that looks awesome and a set of very sharp teeth that will easily get through the toughest of herbs.

The Basil Bush 4 Part Sifter Grinder looks great with the iconic 3d logo of Basils face and features a sifter system that allows you to collect the most potent part of your herbs.

The sifter net at the centre of the grinder allows only the smallest most potent part of the herbs through ensuring the collection is as pure as possible.

It features a set of very sharp teeth that will cut through even the toughest herbs with ease.

40mm and 50mm