Brain Chill - E-liquid 50ml Short Fill 0mg

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The Brain Chill Eliquid range is designed for those who like to stay frosty, and want a vape to match their state of mind. Brain Chill Menthol Eliquid includes fantastic palate cleansing juices in a wide range of refreshing flavours and styles. From cool peppermint cream, to juicy fruits with a menthol kick, to a full on chilled absinthe cocktail.


VG 65/PG 35

50ml / 0mg nicotine 




Grape Melon Chill

Grape Melon Chill brings the great refreshing taste of sweet watermelon combined with a fruity juice mix. A cooling super fruity inhale followed by a menthol kick on the exhale.


Iceball Chill 

Sugar candy crushed and frozen to make Iceball Chill. This is an e-juice that is tough to pin down, every draw will keep you guessing but it is sweet, cold and so good!


Cherry Chill

Cherry Chill is a very bright and juicy eliquid bursting with layers of cherry candy soda pop flavours, and an eye opening koolada finish. A sweet, tart and cherry-lusciously refreshing icy cold treat.


Blue Freeze Chill

Blue Freeze Chill is a blue and red berry fruit ice pop bubblegum style. This e-juice is packed with the candy fruit gum flavours of blueberry and raspberry.


Rednaise Chill

Redanise Chill is a refreshing avalanche of super sweet red berry fruits and anise with cooling undertones of menthol and balancing notes of eucalyptus.


Strawberry Chill

Strawberry Chill is a beautifully balanced palate cleanser and a thirst quenching all day vape. Fresh pureed strawberry combined with sugar syrup, and wild peppermint.


Waterberry Chill

Chunks of frozen sun ripened watermelon combined with sweet blueberry syrup all whizzed up with a generous amount of crushed ice. A thoroughly thirst quenching vape!