Bubble Bag Lite

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A more affordable Bubble Bag, but with the same great quality you've come to expect from all Fresh Headies products.

Fresh Headies has always been proud of the high quality of our Bubble Bags. We have been working with the same supplier in Nepal since before 2000, and have been able to source a very high quality, medical grade, German made screen fabric. This heat stamped screen has a consistent pore size, so that the micron size remains the same even when the bags have been used many times.

For the budget conscious home user, the Bubble Bags Lite are a perfect compromise: high quality bags, made by an experienced manufacturer, but at an affordable price. For those who prefer a professional quality product, we'll still continue making our original Bubble Bags.

The four bag kits contain - 1x220u,1x160u,1x73u,1x25u (micron mixing/filter bag) 1 pressing screen and a carry pouch.

The eight bag kits contain - 1x220u, 1x190u, 1x160u, 1x120u, 1x90u, 1x73u, 1x45u, 1x25u (micron mixing/filter bag) 1 pressing screen and a carry pouch.