Can-A-Wipes - Cleaning Wipes

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Can-A-Wipes are the best friend of anyone with a dirty job. Whether you’re trimming, painting, fishing, farming, plumbing, or working on cars, Can-A-Wipes get you out of any sticky situation.

Can-A-Wipes are specifically designed to remove the smell of cannabis and tobacco.

Use Can-A-Wipes to remove resin and other sticky residue from your fingers, hands, tools, clothes pipes and other surfaces. If you have problems with the smell of tobacco or cannabis in your car or home use Can-A-Wipes to wipe any surface that has come in contact with the smell.

Quickly remove resins, greases, oils, and much more

Safely use on skin, clothing, tools, and other surfaces

Moisturizes skin unlike other harsh hand wipes

No soaking, rinsing, or drying: one wipe and done