Chongz Wooden Rolling Box - Rolling Station available in 3 Sizes and as a Gift Set

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The Chongz Rolling station is a luxury rolling box available in 3 sizes.

Made from a bright pine wood, these boxes are finished to perfection. Every join, edge and surface has been perfected to the best quality.

Secured shut with a high quality latch.

G1 - The smaller G1 rolling box is a compact , portable sized box. The G1 rolling station features a two compartments to store a few smoke accessories, there's a paper storage shelf in the lid, and a 'V' stand to roll up on. 

Outside dimensions: 16.5cm wide x 5.5cm height x 8cm depth

G2 - This medium sized box features 1 large compartment at the rear which can be split into 2 with the included divider, this compartment is 65mm in width by 50mm in height. It has a seperate section in the lid for storing roling papers, a front compartment ( 145mm long x 25mm depth x 40mm height) to house your smoking accessories + it has a detachable 'V' shaped rolling tray.

Outside dimensions: 17.5cm wide, 8cm in height x 12.5cm depth

G3 - The biggest box in the range with ample room for all your rolling accessories. It features 3 compartments which can be made into 4 with the included divider. It has a 'V' shaped magnetic detachable rolling tray to keep rolling up steady in use and to stop it sliding around when not in use. The biggest of these compartments can be used for storing up to a 58mm herb grinder, that space alone is 60mm x 160mm and 55mm in height. All the boxes also features a compartment in the lid for storing smoking papers.

Outside dimensions: 19cm wide x 7cm in height x 17cm depth

Select a Juicy Gift Box

And get: £10 of stash for the box including

1 x Juicy Joint Grinder (Does not fit inside G1)
1 x Raw Papers
1 x Raw Tips
1 x Juicy Jays Hemp Blunt Twin Pack
1 x Pop Top Container
1 x Clipper Lighter
1 x Clipper Rolling Papers + Tips

Please specify at checkout if you would like an alternative choice of papers and tips, blunt flavour, Clipper Design Eg: Leaf, Girly, Retro, Funny, Psychadelic etc. (we have many more available in store than on the website), grinder colour. If nothing is specified then a random selection will be made. Requests to further customise gift sets beyond the standard selection may be possible but could cost extra, place your order and requests and we will be in touch.