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Cloud island LTD has worked hard on creating the most effective recipes for their flavours. In the Original range you will find a great choice of flavours which are available in 3 strengths to suit all vapers.

All of the cloud island flavours here have been tested and notified in the UK under TPD law.

Available in 10ml bottles, 70% VG, 30% PG



Red Rabbit

A crumbly white chocolate cookie, laced with torte raspberry clusters.


Fallen Angel 

A delightfully creamy, yet sinfully sweet, strawberry ice-cream flavour. A recipe stolen from the GODS!


Pan Stack 

A stack of soft fluffy pancakes sitting under a melting scoop of butter, drizzled with syrup.


Vikki's Custard 

Custard how you remember it to be. Thick, warm, custardy, fulfilling.


Cookie Monster

The taste of a freshly baked, warm cookie. Crumbly, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth scrummyness.


Stifler's Mom

Two layers of blonde biscuit, stuffed full with sweet, custard cream.


Raspberry Thumb

A crumbly biscuit filled with a generous portion of raspberry jam.


Terry's Berries

A smooth mix of all the ripest, reddest berries the forest has to offer.


Butterscotch Custard

A sweet, Gooey and buttery butterscotch helping with a dollop of vanilla custard


Long Bens Blend

A rich tobacco with distinctive undertones of french vanilla and a hint of chocolate. 


Danish Crunch

A daringly spiced, cinnamon treat, with a suprising undertone of crunch.


Cake Drip


 A soft gooey cake mixture with hints of sweet sauce


Yum Cake


A stack of soft, fluffy pancakes sitting beneath a slowly melting scoop of butter. With a side serving of exotic yumberry & drizzled with yumberry sauce.