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All remaining E-liquids from Cloud Island are reduced to just £1.99! (Best before dates of reduced stock are all 2018 Dates)

Cloud island LTD has worked hard on creating the most effective recipes for their flavours. In the Original range you will find a great choice of flavours which are available in 3 strengths to suit all vapers.

All of the cloud island flavours here have been tested and notified in the UK under TPD law.

Available in 10ml bottles, 70% VG, 30% PG



Red Rabbit

A crumbly white chocolate cookie, laced with torte raspberry clusters.


Fallen Angel 

A delightfully creamy, yet sinfully sweet, strawberry ice-cream flavour. A recipe stolen from the GODS!


Pan Stack 

A stack of soft fluffy pancakes sitting under a melting scoop of butter, drizzled with syrup.


Vikki's Custard 

Custard how you remember it to be. Thick, warm, custardy, fulfilling.


Cookie Monster

The taste of a freshly baked, warm cookie. Crumbly, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth scrummyness.


Stifler's Mom

Two layers of blonde biscuit, stuffed full with sweet, custard cream.


Raspberry Thumb

A crumbly biscuit filled with a generous portion of raspberry jam.


Terry's Berries

A smooth mix of all the ripest, reddest berries the forest has to offer.


Butterscotch Custard

A sweet, Gooey and buttery butterscotch helping with a dollop of vanilla custard


Long Bens Blend

A rich tobacco with distinctive undertones of french vanilla and a hint of chocolate. 


Danish Crunch

A daringly spiced, cinnamon treat, with a suprising undertone of crunch.


Cake Drip


 A soft gooey cake mixture with hints of sweet sauce


Yum Cake


A stack of soft, fluffy pancakes sitting beneath a slowly melting scoop of butter. With a side serving of exotic yumberry & drizzled with yumberry sauce.