Crystal Calm - CBD E-Liquid 1000mg Additive 10ml

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1000mg Vape Additive – Perfect additive to your current eliquid. Simply mix in your desired amount and shake.

Size: 10ml


How many servings will I get mixing this to my flavoured E-Liquid:

Adding this 10ml Vape Additive to 30ml E-Liquid will make 250mg CBD/10ml ... 50mg CBD per 2ml Tank x 20 Servings

Adding this 10ml Vape Additive to 50ml E-Liquid will make 166mg CBD/10ml ... 33mg CBD per 2ml Tank x 30 Servings

Adding this 10ml Vape Additive to 100ml E-Liquid will make 91mg CBD/10ml ... 18mg CBD per 2ml Tank x 55 Servings


Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Propylene Glycol, Natural Flavourings

100% PG / 0% VG - This is ideal for mixing with a High VG Juice (70/30 80/20 30ml, 50ml or 100ml).

Contains Zero VG due to the high level of CBD and it's ability to Mix in 10ml. Do not vape on it's own!!

This product does not contain nicotine. 


No medical claims can be made by us ‘The Juicy Joint’ or at this stage in the UK about vape juice / E-Liquids containing CBD and therefore this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. All products we supply containing CBD contains less than 0.2% THC so are therefore under UK legal limit for THC and will not get the consumer ‘high’.

CBD is sold by us and in the UK as a lifestyle supplement so it would be advisable to conduct additional research independently before deciding if Vaping CBD, what variety and what concentration of CBD vape is right for your daily wellbeing