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What is a doodle? It can be an idle scribble, something thoughtless, random or minor. However Doodles E-liquid is far from any of these things. An imaginative and eclectic range with tons of variety, Doodles includes pancakes, cereals, cookies, cheesecakes and so much more!


Crispy Mallow

Crispy puffed rice drowned in melted marshmallow, then cooled into delectable squares of yum that manage to be chewy, gooey, and crunchy all at the same time.


Classic buttermilk pancakes

Banana Brulee

Banana Brule is a decadent pudding of oven-baked banana basking in a velvety puddle of warm caramel, then served with ice cream and toasted peanut crackers.

Fruit Circles

Fruit Circles are the vapin’ version of the classic American frosted breakfast cereal swimming in cold milk and whizzed up into a deliciously sweet, fruity e-liquid.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake brings you the classic summer dessert in an e-juice that you can enjoy anytime of the year. Come rain or shine, if you are vaping this little cracker you will be smiling!

Fuji Cookie Cream

A very creamy apple and biscotti cookie custard.

After Nine

Peppermint chocolates

Maple Syrup

American waffles swimming in maple syrup.