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 Double Bubble are a UK E-liquid company specializing in childhood favourite bubblegum flavours. These juices will take you back into the 90's.


VG 74% / PG 26% - 0mg Nicotine 




Huba Bubbles

Does it taste of strawberry? Mixed fruits? Pink, it tastes pink, just like bubble gum used to taste. It’s just that now you are blowing out monster clouds of vapour instead of bubbles.


Melon Bubbles

Sweet watermelon gives Melon Bubbles its mouth wateringly juicy melon tang. So packed with flavour this bubblegum e-juice almost fizzes on your tongue. A summery flavour guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.


Cherry Bubbles

Cherry Bubbles is a bright and juicy bubblegum vape that makes no apologies for its in-your-face popping cherry flavour. In fact, this juice is so cherry-tastic that it tastes red!


Mint Bubbles

Mint Bubbles is a sweet peppermint bubblegum flavour with a sweet mint inhale and cool refreshing exhale. Mint Bubbles is a deliciously sweet and cooling e-juice, with a very clean flavour.


Grape Bubbles

A juicy, grape bubblegum e-liquid. Grape Bubbles is bursting full of sweet black grape flavour that you will swear you just popped a juicy piece of grape bubblegum.