Double Drip 50:50 E-liquid 10ml

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The Wild and Unruly assembly of double drip flavours are now available in a 50% PG / 50% VG mix.

Made in the UK, Double Drip 50:50 E-liquids are specially blended for MTL vapers and flavour chasers alike.

50% VG / 50% PG , 10ml, Fully TPD compliant bottles.


  • Crystal Mist - Crystal Mist e-liquid by Double Drip is a scrumptious blend of fresh blue raspberry mixed with juicy black cherries, and a dash of menthol, reminiscent of cool refreshing slush.
  • Caramel Tobacco - This rich and creamy 50:50 vape from Double Drip features delicate notes of vanilla bean blended with aromatic tobacco leaf and decadently swirled with an indulgent helping of buttery golden caramel. Sumptuous yet smooth, Caramel Tobacco is a great option for those seeking a luxurious vaping experience with a distinctive flavour profile and is a decadent substitute for your current tobacco habit.
  • Cherry Bakewell - The sweet cherry almond tart we have devoured at the bakery for years brings the sweet sugary hit of Cherry Bakewell to your lips!
  • Double Menthol - This double menthol blend tastes of garden-fresh mint leaves over a cooling menthol base for instant invigoration. The moreishly-minty flavour is great on its own or perfect for adding to other flavoured e-liquids for a dash of menthol refreshment.
  • Menthol Tobacco - Double Drip’s Menthol Tobacco is a rich and robust vape with intense undertones of traditional tobacco intermingled with an energising menthol exhale. The inhale, drenched in strong, satisfying notes of deep and woody tobacco, is blown away by the invigorating wave of cool menthol which swiftly follows – leaving your taste buds well and truly soaked with sensationally-aromatic flavour.
  • Blackberry & Grape - Blackberry & Grape 50:50 e-liquid is a delicately-tangy blend of rich red grapes, perfectly ripe with succulent deliciousness yet crisp and refreshing on the palate. These ruby-red grapes are then blended with autumnal blackberries picked fresh from English hedgerows for their tart and tangy flavour, culminating in a sweet, aromatic vape which captures the best of the changing British seasons.
  • Chill'd Fruitz (Previously Heisendrip) - When it comes to all-day vapes, Chill'd Fruitz is about as close to perfect as it gets. This 50:50 formulation from Double Drip features a mouth-watering medley of ripe mixed berries made cool with a wave of fresh menthol. Chill'd Fruitz succulent and refreshing notes make it ideal for any time of the day and manages to deliver a diverse blend of flavours without being too overwhelming on the taste buds.
  • Lemon Sherbet - A masterful blend of fizzy sherbet and fresh sweet lemon to tickle your taste buds – simply scintillating and delicious!
  • Raspeberry Sherbet - This sweet sugary treat is like lifting the lid on a fizzy sherbet fountain and unleashing a surge of sour sugar crystals accompanied by fresh English raspberries. 
  • Super Berry Sherbet - 50:50 Super Berry Sherbet is a ridiculously juicy blend of ripe red berries dusted in a glittering layer of sweet sherbet. This delectable delight promises to deliver billowing clouds of zingy, zesty deliciousness, with the tart taste of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries engaged in a never-ending tussle for your taste buds.
  • Raspberry & Apple - Raspberry & Apple from Double Drip’s 50:50 series offers delicate, featherlight flavour in a versatile 50:50 blend which can be used in just about any e-cigarette setup. The inhale invites a wave of crisp orchard apple to unfold itself over the tongue, bathing the taste buds in serenely-green flavour so fresh you can almost hear the crunch. The exhale is charged with the taste of tart, tangy raspberries which bites through the initial smoothness of the apple to create a multi-dimensional taste sensation of mind-blowing proportions. 
  • Original Tobacco - Delivering a spicy, aromatic tobacco burst with deep, woody flavour. Perfect for replacing your current tobacco or cigarette habit for a satisfying alternative.
  • Caramel Tobacco A rich, dark caramel, carefully blended with subtle hints of vanillaan smooth tobacco leaf.