SALE!!! Double Up - Premium E-Liquid 50ml Short Fill 0mg

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Sale!! Now reduced by 75%. Past best before date of late 2018

Double up are a UK based e-liquid bringing you modern snap on your favourite e-liquid flavour so don't miss out. Embrace your tastebuds. 


74% VG / 26% PG - 0mg Nicotine 




Snake Bite

Snake Bite is a beautifully balanced and very refreshing mixture of apple juice and sweet coconut water. Tasting extremely tropical and exotic this e-juice is an ideal refresher for the palate.


Pink Lemonade 

Pink Lemonade is more of a ‘grown-up’ cloudy lemonade with a mellower flavour and less eye-watering fizz than other lemonade type e-juices. With a more honeyed lemon taste and ripe red fruits throughout.


Monster E

Monster E gives you all the mixed fruity fizz flavour of an energy drink to pack into your tank. Outrageously fruity, with tongue teasing tang, plus super soda fizz this e-juice is a revelation.


Citrus Fizz

Citrus Fizz packs enough punch to give all your senses a boost no matter how jaded. Lemon, lime and a serious dose of soda pop fizz make Citrus Fizz a perfect refreshing pick me up whenever you need one.


Irish Cream

A velvety vape tickled by the faintest whisper of spice, this is a decadent e-juice that feels like a seriously wicked treat. Good news though, without calories or alcohol you can spoil yourself with Irish Creams.


Fruit Smoothie

This is a luscious peach and strawberry Fruit Smoothie that will certainly brighten up your day. Honey sweet peach pairs perfectly with ripe strawberry, giving you a bright berry tang on the inhale and smoother summer fruit sweetness on the exhale.


Cherry Melonade 

Sweet cherry takes center stage on the inhale, then stands aside to allow the wave of fresh cool ‘melonade’ to take a bow on the exhale. Exquisitely sweet and juicy but light enough to vape all day.


Unicorn Fever

A whole bunch of exotic fruits and luxuriously thick cream goes into making this e-juice a mythically magic experience. Never mind an apple a-day with Unicorn Fever.