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Ehle X-Trakt features a completely new filter technology: It is equipped with a grade glass frit filter, which is used in laboratory worldwide. The glass filter can be easily cleaned with alcohol, hot water or normal waterpipe cleaner, is very easy to remove and can be used many times! For security there is one silicone O-ring on every side of the frit inside the very durable screw cab, which is also used in laboratory.


The Ehle X-Trakt glass filters are precision manufactured with borosilicate glass 3.3 which is high chemical and thermal-shock resistant. They are entirely inorganic and inert in most circumstances and therfore there are no leachable organic or ionic species present that could otherwise contaminates the extract.

Additional information:


Diameter: Ø 50 mm

Wall thickness: 5 mm

Length: 35 cm

Material: Borosilicate Glass



Screw cap

Glass frit

2 O-rings

Detailed instructions