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Sale!! Now reduced by 75%. Best before date of December 2018

Fruities is a UK based E-liquid company with weird and wonderful flavours to keep you satisfied combination of tropical fruits and your berry kicks these guys have what you need! So Don't Delay Get Fruity Today! 

VG: 63% / PG: 37% - 0mg Nicotine 



Peachy Apples

Peachy Apples is a juicy little number featuring ripe, succulent peaches, sprinkled with a hint of brown sugar, and then drenched in mellow sweet apple juice..


Blue Lemon Crunch 

Unfortunately, no blue lemons were available to star in this e-juice so Blue Lemon Crunch ended up being a crunchy cereal vape packed with fresh blueberries. There is no need to feel blue though.


Crazy Melons 

A fresh inhale of mixed melons, and they seem to be getting along just fine; the freshness of watermelon blends well enough with the nectar sweet honeydew, and the succulent cantaloupe is behaving itself.


Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast is a tangy sharp, dessert style, fruit vape with crunchy apple layered ripe strawberry compote. Crisp zingy apple meets sweet jammy strawberry in a beautifully balanced e-liquid.


Honey Pear

Fresh pear drizzled with delicious honey gives Honey Pear its sweet, but crisp natural, flavour.  Ripe juicy pear on the inhale gives way to smooth nectar sweetness of clear honey on the exhale.