Lift Tickets 710 Terpene Infused Papers - Unrolled Sheets

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Lift Tickets 710 Infused Rolling Papers are 100% legal and contain no THC or Tobacco. Flavoured with some of your favourite go to house strains on the market, these infused rolling paper cones are already pre-rolled and ready to be filled up.

These single lift ticket sheets are supplied in a smell proof container and are taken from the 25 sheet lift ticket flat packs. To order a complete flat pack of 25 sheets (1 flavour) please allow up to an 5 days extra for delivery.

Made from 100% cannabis plants, not synthetic or fruit based like many others.


25 x Lift Ticket Flat Packs - Special Order Allow up to 5 days on top of Delivery Times

Flat packs contain 25 un-rolled kingsize papers, for those who prefer to roll your own as opposed to the already pre-rolled variants thats currently on sale.

Supplied in an air tight re-sealable baggie (with child protection feature), which helps with terpene preservation so each and every time you go for a terpene infused rolling paper its just as fresh as when you first opened it. 



Terpene Infused Paper

Contains NO THC


Stored in an Air Tight Glass Tube for guaranteed freshness