Medical Cannabis Complete

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This unique and timely book arrives just as a growing number of states are authorizing the use of medical cannabis.

Written by highly respected international specialists, it answers the most frequently asked questions about this unusual plant medicine, including:


    • The diseases that can be helped or even healed by marijuana, and the ways in which the human body can absorb it. 
    • Where to obtain legal medical cannabis, and instructions on how to “grow your own” if it is unavailable for purchase.
    • The respective medical attributes of THC and CBD, and the history of different marijuana varieties.
    • The latest legislation in different parts of the world. 
    • The available pharmaceutical medications derived from marijuana, or from synthetic cannabinoids.

The history of marijuana usage around the world, including legal purchase in the Dutch Coffee Shops.
This richly illustrated book provides a practical overview of therapeutic marijuana. With clarity and humor, it also offers an understanding of the complex issues surrounding this fascinating plant: Cannabis sativa L. 

Michka is widely respected as an expert in France and abroad on the subject of free access to plant medicine, and she has published numerous books and articles over the past thirty years. In Medical Cannabis, Michka is joined by Prof. Raphael Mechoulam—who discovered the THC and CBD molecules—as well as Prof. Manuel Guzman, Prof. Denis Richard, Jorge Cervantes, Robert Clarke, Chris Conrad, Philippe Lucas, Prof. Adriaan Jansen, and Don E. Wirtshafter, J.D.