SALE!! Miami Drip Club E-Liquid - 50ml Short Fill 0mg + Free Nic Shot PRICE REDUCED!!

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SALE!! now reduced to just £6.99 a bottle!

(Please note these bottles have recently past best before dates)

Love Miami vice, this is the Miami vape vibe. Cruisin down the strip in your Mustang drop top blasting the fresh Miami drip flavours into the blue Miami sky. Don't bother buying this vape if you ain't too cool for skool


Ocean Lime

Start your engines and get ready for a feast of fruits, bursts of citrus and whole lotta Eye Candy as you take a drive down Ocean Drive to find your favourite Lime...

Ocean Lime, take a drive on the wild side...

Lemon E11even

Strip back your inhibitions, peel your Lemon right down to its skin and glaze all over a ring donut.

Little Havana

"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall"

Take me to a place full of naughty caramels, hidden cinnamons and deep and intense biscuits where a haze of tobacco lingers in the hot summer night air.  

Take me to Little Havana, rolled on the thighs of a thousand Cuban mistress’s

70/30 (VG/PG) 0mg


50ml Liquid in a 60ml bottle with a 18mg free nic shot = 60ml 3mg Miami Vape