Monster Fruits - Premium E-liquid 50ml Short Fill 0mg

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Stop looking for monsters under the bed, and in the wardrobe and look here instead. Monster Fruits E-Liquid ramp fruit flavour up to the max. These little monsters don’t believe in hiding under the bed from anyone! Handcrafted by their very own in-house flavouristas, then tried, tested, and tweaked by their very demanding vaping gurus – only the jammiest, creamiest, and fizziest monsters make it to our shelves to indulge your vaping pleasure.




Peachy Pears

Peachy Pears is a beautifully refined fruit vape that is a simple mixture of smooth, crisp pear and creamy honey sweet peach. Sometimes sweet juicy succulence rules, other times fresh and crisp fruitiness wins the day. Very smooth, easy to vape, and super moreish!


Jam Monster

Just beautiful sweet strawberry conserve, naked as the day it came out of the jar. We’re all jammin’, and we hope you like jammin’ too!


 70VG / 30PG - 0mg Nicotine