OUI’D MASQ - Spray Diffuser Device - Liquid not included

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The Oui’d Masq is a portable diffuser which neutralises the air around you instantly. Perfect for the car and other small areas. Just pop it in your pocket and pull it out whenever there’s a strong pong—press the button and the odour will be eliminated instantly! Supplied with micro USB cable. 

PLEASE NOTE: The OUI’D MASQ liquid that is required for use is not included with the diffuser:


  • Do not spray in or near the face or on the skin.*
  • Do not spray in the direction of nearby animals.
  • Do not inhale directly, drink or use orally.
  • Do not spray in the direction of nearby electrical appliances, plugs or outlets.
  • Never use Oui’d Masq Fluid in any electrical device or heat source.