Pay-Pay King Size Slim - Go Green Papers

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From the Manufacturers of the First unbleached paper in the world Located in Alcoy Spain, comes their latest development, a new smoking totally ecologic paper that takes its green color of the alfalfa plant.

Pay-Pay Go Green paper is unbleached and made from Alfalfa, lending it a light green color and offering quality smoke without any undesirable taste. Go Green papers are made with 100% renewable energy, organic arabic gum and has no additives nor chlorine.


  • King Size Slim
  • Green paper, Alfalfa
  • 100% Chlorine-free,without additives,unrefined
  • Natural gum Arabic (Acacia resin)
  • Ultrafine
  • Paper slow-burning
  • Made in Alcoy, Spain

Additional information:

  • Dimension:  44 x 108 mm
  • Paper weight: 13-14 g/m²
  • 32 leaves per booklet