Popsicle 50ml E-liquid - 50ml Short Fill 0mg

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Grab yourself a cool blast from the past with Popsicles E-liquid range. A delicious take on ice-cream van retro. Yummy classics such as Screwball, Rocket Lolly and Twister will take you straight back to your childhood days. Remember listening for the chimes of the ice cream man’s van and hoping that he hadn’t sold out of your favourite? Handcrafted by their very own in-house flavouristas, then tried, tested, and tweaked by their very demanding vaping gurus. Only the very best Screw-Ballsiest recipes make it to our shelves to indulge your vaping pleasures.




Kiwi Mango Pop:

Super cold, and super fruity, the Kiwi Mango Pop will bring your senses back to life like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Treat yourself to the taste of the exotic with sweet ripe kiwi blended with tangy fresh mango and transformed into a cool refreshing vape. The taste of mouth wateringly juicy Kiwi Mango Pop is like lazing in a beach hammock on a tropical shore, with a frozen cocktail in hand.




Screwball is vanilla ice cream with a shot of raspberry ripple and background notes of sweet candy bubblegum. Lightly whipped vanilla ice cream comes through immediately on the inhale, which gets a tangy boost by the tangy sweet ripple. Following this, you get the super smooth bubblegum exhale for huge vapour, and a lingering ice cream aftertaste. All the retro yumminess of a Screwball tucked into one delicious vape. Best of all, you get that great gumball flavour without having to risk any teeth.




Twister was slightly more expensive than other ice-lollies. Why, because of course it had ice cream as well as fruit ice and let’s be honest; it totally looked the business too. Twister e-juice sadly cannot transform your tank into a beautiful, swirly work of art, but this pineapple and lime ice cream combo will delight your taste buds just as much as the original lolly was a feast for the eyes.

Twister is a wonderfully smooth vape, with sweet pineapple ice cream on the inhale and a cool refreshing lime twist on a creamy exhale. A sweet vape, but not overly sweet, and makes for a perfect all day vape for fans of fruity ice cream flavours.



Rocket Lolly:

The fruit flavours of Rocket Lolly pop deliciously on your taste buds creating a very refreshing vape, so irresistibly juicy you will have to remind yourself to vape it NOT drink it!



74VG / 26PG - 0mg Nicotine