SALE!! Purr2Go - Collapsible Travel Dab rig And Bubbler Bong

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This is the ultimate water pipe for high travelers, outdoor adventurers and on the go smokers.

The top alternative to an all-glass, silicone, acrylic or aluminum pipe. As active, outdoor enthusiasts that like to travel, Purr especially know how smoking on the go can be a drag - that’s why they created Purr2Go. Now, you’ll get filtered, hydrated and smooth hits from a durable and easily portable handheld water pipe. Quality smoking is easy and hassle free, letting you stay focused on the fun! 

The strongest and toughest bubbler. This revolutionary pipe is made of polycarbonate, a type of high grade plastic that’s lighter, stronger and more durable than general use plastic. Purr2Go shines like thick glass and is tough enough to handle more than a few bumps and accidents.

Purr2Go is easy to use. The bubbler chamber, cap and mouthpiece can all be unscrewed and assembled back together - it’s a modular pipe! Makes is quick & simple to add water or clean out. And not to mention, it’s the strongest, cleanest and closest alternative to glass.

Function is key. This comprehensive kit includes a 6-cut removable glass downstem and bowl for the smoothest, diffused and flavorful hits when you’re on the move. Or instantaneously turn it into a rig with the included Ti domeless nail! Less is more when you’re travelling and that’s why Purr2Go is dual purpose friendly. Plus it comes with a neoprene travel case that neatly keeps all the parts together, protected, organized & ready for the next adventure!

Easy cleaning. Don’t soak or waste time waiting around! Clean the polycarbonate parts simply & quickly with isopropyl alcohol & salt. Simply wipe clean or add the solution inside to shake clean. Then thoroughly rinse with cold water. That’s it! DO NOT soak the polycarbonate parts in any solution or expose to warm/hot water.

American made. Proudly the first injection-molded pipe made, premium quality and produced with the highest American manufacturing standards. Made locally by experts right here in Chatsworth, CA! 

Product Information:


Designed for dual smoking use

Includes: 14/19 Removable 6-cut Glass Downstem, 14mm Glass Round Bowl and 14mm Domeless Titanium Nail

Polycarbonate chamber, cap and mouthpiece are modular parts that can be unscrewed & screwed back together creating a secure, airtight seal.

Joint Size: 14mm

Pipe Dimensions (w/ bowl): 9 ½” x 5”  x 1 ½”

Pipe Dimensions (w/ nail): 9 ½” x 6”  x 1 ½”

Label: Embossed Pürr Clear

Made in California

Travel Case

Made of Neoprene

Protective fabrication and water resistant

Case Dimensions: 7” x 6 ¾”