Killer Bee Extractor

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The Glass Killer Bee Extractor is used to extract the oils from plant matter.  The oil is then used for bathing ,incense or aroma therapy.  The Glass Killer Bee holds up to 80g of plant material.

All glass extractor, holds up to 80g of dried material. Pack LOOSELY! If packed too tight, top may come off. Top is removable, has molded butane port, and seals tight with clear gasket. 5 small milking holes in the bottom and comes with 1 pre-cut MESH filter! This one really is the Queen Bee of glass extraction. You will not be disappointed!

Safest and cleanest way to extract oils from your materials. This non-reactive glass extractor is thick and durable measuring 12 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. Don't settle for cheap imitations or knockoffs, grab a real authentic Honey Bee Extractor all glass extraction tube!


Always use the Queen Bee Extractor in a safe environment. Ensure good ventilation, wear safety glasses and gloves, do not smoke and do not wear baggy clothes. Read the included instructions carefully before using this product.