RAW - Donut Metal Rolling Tray

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When your eyes are glazed this new design from RAW features everyones go-to muchie, the donut! But not just any old donut this tray features sprinkled donuts, iced donuts, chocolate donuts, cinnamon donuts, strawberry donuts and more. Make sure you've got your krispy selection of treats ready before getting out this munch tastic tray and make double sure you keep it safe and very secure because you know who else loves a donut! and you wouldn't want this beautiful tray confiscated!

The Raw Metal Rolling Tray has perfectly round edges so you'll never lose your tobacco whilst rolling on this tray! Raw metal trays were designed with the rolling connoisseur in mind, they are just perfect; lightweight, strong, rounded edges and the designs are epic! 

Josh from Raw created these amazing trays, he had one goal in mind when designing them; to impress old school rolling connoisseurs and bring this incredible style of tray to a whole new generation of smokers!

  • Medium Tray - 27.5cm x 17.5cm
  • Large Tray - 34.0cm x 27.5cm