SALE!! Smokus Focus - The Middleman Magnifying LED Storage Jar / Stash Container

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The Smokus Focus jars have become the official storage and display containers of the flower industry. The patented technology blends crystal clear magnification lenses and hyper bright LED’s to create a riveting visual experience. All Smokus Focus Jars have been specifically designed to showcase your flowers in the best possible light.

Store owners, growers, and industry professionals all agree that the Smokus Focus jars are the perfect tool to store and display their flowers.


Product Features:

  • Ring of LED's which can be turned off and on via button
  • All Smokus Focus jars hold a charge for 10 – 12 hours before needing to be charged. (Includes USB charging cable)
  • Equipped with a 4x magnifying lens on the top with a smaller 8x lens you can get up close and personal with a spectacular and detailed view.
  • Airtight Jar
  • Includes Glass Cleaning Cloth & Sticker
  • 10.3cm Height
  • 7.3cm Diameter
  • 212g