Soex Authentic Herbal Molasses - Shisha Flavour

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Soex Herbal Molasees is a tobacco free hookah molasses suitable for any shisha pipe. Soex tobacco free hookah molasses comes in a variety of flavours. After a year of short supply we are now stocking a range of the best flavours.

50 gram packet, with Oct / Nov 2022 Expiry dates 


  • Double Bubble (F.K.A Bubble Gum)
  • Perfect Duo (F.K.A Double Apple)
  • Zero Degress (F.K.A Mint)
  • Blue Crush (F.K.A Blueberry)
  • Funny Fusion (F.K.A Mixed Fruit)
  • Green Harvest (F.K.A Grape)
  • Red Straw (F.K.A Strawberry)
  • Royal Gala (F.K.A. Apple)
  • Bombay Nights (F.K.A. Pan Raas)


  • Orange - UNAVAILABLE
  • Red Energy - UNAVAILABLE
  • Blackberry - UNAVAILABLE
  • Lemon with Mint - UNAVAILABLE

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